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We can all reach the point where we think, right; it's time for a new image. Many settle for the old tried and tested outfit and fall back on last seasons outfits, whilst others dare to take the next step to a completely new wardrobe. Now it isn't just the wardrobe that Brandur had changed, in fact some, like myself, knew him from before as the fella with the big voice, who can play a range of instruments, like the guitar, piano, trumpet and flugelhorn, with which he's played such heartfelt songs as Lullaby at the Eurovision song contest in 2008.

This year Brandur has written equally as emotive songs as earlier offerings that kind of make you die just a little bit; but now it's time to package the songs in a new way. He has previously worked here in Sweden with, for example, Christoffer Lundquist (ex Brainpool, producer for Gessle, Lundell, Moneybrother & Roxette) and released the record, 'Sometimes truth needs a lie', 2010. The first taste of the new Brandur, 'The Illusion of', gives a clear indication of the direction he's going in. Upwards!

The trumpets and the guitar have been exchanged for noted musician, Maria Marcus' magical machinery and sounds. When Maria's electronic production meets Brandur's well-written and beautiful harmonies, the result is a fresh, mature and international sound. Something of a 'Friday all week feeling'. And who wouldn't want that? The eighties are somewhere in the background as well, but the sound as a whole, is for the future!

If we take a look at the past, we find that Brandur Enni was born in the Faroe Islands in 1989, was discovered early and recorded his first record, 'Waiting in the moonlight' as a twelve year old. This made him a superstar in the eyes of the Faroe Islands' fifty thousand inhabitants and also got Denmark and Island to take notice of his unique voice. The voice went on to gain him acclaim as, 'Best male singer' at the Planet Awards Gala, 2009.

A moment that Brandur will never forget is when he got to sing both the German and the Faroe Islands national anthem before a European championship qualifier in front of over 13 million television viewers. The Faroe Islands lost 0-2 but Brandur won.

The Swedish music phenomenon urged Brandur to move here in 2006 and taking The Music Production Academy's (Musikmakarna) song writers' course at Örnsköldsvik without any knowledge of Swedish! Before he'd even finished, he'd secured both a publishing and a record contract. Brandur's Swedish producers wanted him to sound like Justin Timberlake, but soon realized that he's an original and not a copy. Brandur is extremely productive, having written around 200 songs. When it is working at its best and he's found a song-writing partner that he can click with, then it's like being on a high!

Prior to the last album, Brandur had traveled around some of Europe's largest cities and played on the streets in order to discover which songs people would stop and listen to. 'A really good way to find out whether you've done something good or not', says Brandur.

The goal is to get to come out and tour as much as possible, preferably a few times round the world.

Something historic happened during the 2008 Eurovision song contest. For the first and perhaps the last time, a Swedish selection heat for the competition was broadcast in the Faroe Islands. The reason being that everyone wanted to see 'their' Brandur compete!

There's a lot to say about Brandur as those that have filmed documentaries about him can testify to. One thing that is a little out of the ordinary is that the superstar within the Faroe Islands has been cast in the main role for an American feature film. The title of the film is Pilot Whale Fog and is currently in the pre- production stage, but who knows? Perhaps Brandur will soon be able to add 'film Star' to his CV. For the time being however, it's 100% focus on the music and Brandur calls himself a genuine 'pop artist', who would like to make music for everyone.

Brandur feels at home living in Sweden as it feels right at the moment, but who can tell what lies around the corner? Maybe London, New York or Berlin.

He feels a debt of gratitude towards Sweden and would like to give something back. Why not another hit before calling it quits! Brandur has also come to experience how important Christmas is to the Swedes and was part of an extensive Christmas tour in 2010. The show, 'Our Christmas' played in thirty different venues, with Swedish stars like, Sanna Nielsen, Sonja Aldén, Shirley Clamp and Björn Kjellman appearing on stage with Brandur. Now Brandur has been upgraded and has even found his home, musically.

Brandur är född och uppvuxen på Färöarna och hans musikaliska karriär började tidigt. Väldigt tidigt. Han skivdebuterade redan som 12-åring med albumet Wainting in the Moonlight, 2002. Och framgångarna lät inte vänta på sig. Snabbt blev Brandur oerhört populär, inte bara hemma på Färöarna utan även på Island och i Danmark.

2006 flyttade Brandur till Sverige och började studera vid Musikmakarnas låtskrivarutbildning i Örnsköldsvik. Även här tog det inte lång tid innan hans stora talang och rika begåvning hade upptäckts, vilket ledde till förlags- och skivkontrakt redan innan utbildningen var avslutad. På Färöarna har Brandur medverkat flera gånger på de stora sommarfestivalerna i Klaksvík, Tórshavn, Göta och Suðuroy. Här i Sverige kunde vi glädjas åt att se och höra honom framföra popballaden Lullaby i Melodifestivalen 2008.

Nu är det inte bara som artist och låtskrivare Brandur har blivit känd och uppskattad. Han är också en ovanligt skicklig musiker och spelar såväl gitarr, piano, trumpet och flygelhorn. Hans fantastiska röst - den har beskrivits som unik - gjorde att han 2009 utsågs till Planet Awards "Bästa manliga sångare". Det kanske inte är så konstigt att det redan har spelats in en dokumentärfilm om honom.

Under de senaste åren har Brandur jobbat intensivt med sitt senaste album, Sometimes Truth Needs a Lie. Skivan producerades av Christoffer Lundquist som även har arbetat med artister och band som Per Gessle, Ulf Lundell, Moneybrother och Roxette. Skivan kan beskrivas som en resa i olika stilar där melodierna och Brandurs personlighet ständigt är i fokus. En sanning som däremot inte behöver något skarvande är att Brandur är en fantastisk naturbegåvning och talang utöver det vanliga.

I november och december 2010, åker Brandur på en julturné som omfattar över 30 föreställningar i konserthus över hela Sverige. "Vår Jul" är namnet på föreställningen, där han uppträder tillsammans med Sanna Nielsen, Sonja Aldén, Shirley Clamp och Björn Kjellman.